Discover Untapped Space

With our exclusive clientele based in Sydney, we’re no strangers to apartment living and the art of crafting smart space solutions. As experts in making small spaces feel generous and enticingly liveable, we’d like to explore some ways in which you can make the most of your apartment.

Discovering Storage Space with Furniture

Clients are awestruck after we transform their cramped city flats into more efficient, open living spaces.

One secret, is to sourcing furniture that is stylish and also doubles as storage. For example, using a rustic wooden chest as an eye-catching living room coffee table and a storage space for books, magazines and DVDs will help to keep the living area clutter-free.

A quick fix for out-of-season clothing or extra linen is a bed with a sliding storage box or drawer underneath to keep items out of sight and well organised in the bedroom. This trick also helps to free up closet space. We suggest only keeping items that are in season and in use in the closet, an area that can easily become overwhelmed and unmanageable. If you haven’t worn a particular item in a year, it’s probably time to discard it.

Light Colours Open Up a Room

This is a well-known design tip for keeping small spaces bright and airy. It won’t actually create more storage, but it does wonders for the look and feel of smaller flats. Apartment dwellers can add virtual space to their living area with a fresh coat of bright whites and soft neutrals. Keeping furniture, shelves and curtains light as well will open up smaller spaces.

For more innovative ideas on how to maximise space for a stylish and functional apartment, check out a recent article by Bupa Home Insurance which we feature in as well as other Australian Designers: ‘Creative Storage Solutions for Small Apartment Living’.

Our fresh insight and flawless results means we offer contemporary design solutions from small to large projects as well as budgets. Find out how we can help you live large in your small apartment and get in touch today.