Maximise your homes potential

Property styling at Cordony Designs is about making sure your home makes a lasting impression when it goes to market.

If you are selling your property or just improving aesthetics, having your home styled increases its selling value in the long term and results in a faster sale.

We help you enhance and translate creative ideas into an organised service by taking the guess work out of presentation. From combining the perfect furniture, artwork and décor, we can work with an existing arrangement, or completely style your home, to look and feel ready-to-move-in.


 Years of working first-hand in the Real Estate industry gives us a winning edge. We know what potential buyers are looking for and in turn how to make sure your home is where they find it.

We know how things work on the ‘other side’ –that is, at the front door of open houses and dealing with Vendors, Tenants, Landlords, in the process of selling or renting a home.


Cordony Designs will help create a fresh atmosphere at opens by going above and beyond with memorable finishing touches.

We enhance open homes with a complimentary floral arrangement, refreshed weekly for six weeks. Additionally, the home will smell of success, with a complimentary candle to light during inspections.