Photo: Armadillo&Co

But first // Decorate from the floor up
Rugs can inject personality and define different zones in open plan living spaces. They’re a simple way to create impact and refresh a space immediately.

Selecting a rug first means colour schemes, furniture and decor are based around it, allowing for a cohesive theme. If you select a rug after furnishing, pulling in colours from surrounding artwork or soft furnishings ties the room together seamlessly t00.

Usage  // Think before buying
You may like the style of a certain rug, however for it to last long as possible (a good quality rug will often last more than 20 years!), it must be suited to your lifestyle and usage.

Do you have kids or pets? How much foot traffic passes in the room? Does the room get sunlight? Will the rug be a feature of the room or subtle finishing touch?

These will help determine the style and material for the space.

Texture // Materials

  • Wool- durable and easy to clean
  • Natural Fibre (Seagrass) – water resistant, stylish and practical
  • Low Pile Rug- sustains less damage compared to Fluffy styles

A simple palette using a few key colours will create a versatile base that will take you from house to house and look modern in years to come.
If considering neutral elements such as furniture, lighting, paint & fabric; create a focal point by going bold with a graphic pattern or colour. With colour, it doesn’t mean brights, natural dyes add a more subtle splash with a ‘faded and worn’ appearance.

Renting? Rugs can be a great way to introduce colour if painting the walls and hanging artwork are not permitted.

The furniture in each space could be placed on its own large rug to ground furniture. Fit the rug with the rest of the decor where it should be large enough so the front legs of furniture can be placed on top. If its too small for the space, the room will end up looking too condensed.

“If you’re not sure, use newspaper or masking tape to map out the size of the rug you’re considering”  says Jodie Fried of Armadillo&Co.