Pulling off the most boldest shade of all;
black. . .

can seem like an intimidating colour palette. If black is not your cup of tea, a deep charcoal or navy
blue can also create a dramatic effect.

Here are some of our styling tips to make darker hues look elegant:

Feature Wall
A black wall surrounded by white grabs attention and allows the focus to be on a certain element.
This sets the mood to have a sleek feel, whether it be a statement bed head, fireplace or tiled slate

Well Lit Rooms
Natural light and high white ceilings are key in accentuating the height of the walls to make the space
seem larger when incorporating black.

Accessorise With Florals
Add sophistication by adding a vibrant and fresh touch that will pop against the dark wall.

Light Catching Textures
Incorporating shiny finishes that catch light such as windows and metallics ensures the space doesn’t
feel enclosed. This can be in the form of artworks, decor and lighting choices.