Finding the perfect pendant light finishes and dresses a room to perfection. They work best in rooms with breathtakingly high ceilings to make a grand statement.

Hall way entrance looking empty?

Go with a geometric or prism pendant style that incorporates glass and metal. This contemporary feature will create that wow factor right away, especially when hung in groups with different colours, materials or tones.

Understand the space 

For a smaller room, the fitting should be kept simple to give a more subtle effect. Transparent shades allow for the light to be seen through, therefore keeping the space open. Solid materials that are too large can make the room feel closed up and cluttered.

Cordony Designs Tip: Free up space on bedside tables by ditching the table lamps and replacing them with pendant lights.

Trending: Metallic finishes

Copper & brass plated pendants are great for adding contrast and interest in a simplistic room. Styling them with marble and black will guarantee a sophisticated atmosphere every time.

Trending: Natural finishes

Grabbing inspiration from the Scandi style, keep it earthy. This can be done by incorporating matte ceramic, concrete or weaved timber pendants to contrast modern materials and add warmth to the room.

Globes that glow // Warm vs Cool

For that relaxing feeling in bedrooms and living spaces, opt for warm temperate lights. Keep it cool in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. However colour temperatures should be consistent throughout if its an open plan space.