Photo: Sam McAdam-Cooper

If theres a corner thats missing something, it may be the perfect spot for a house plant. Bringing the outdoors inside adds life and colour to freshen up a space.

Plants that thrive indoors and are non toxic to children & animals include:

Fiddle Leaf Fig
Choosing a large pot to accommodate this plant is essential for it to grow to its 2 metre, glossy leaf potential. Its a statement piece that has a wow factor when walking into a room.

Umbrella Tree
Its eye-catching foliage and height will accentuate any area with a high ceiling space.

Hanging Air Plants
These trending plants hang from the ceiling in glass globes to create a natural chandelier feature. For a relaxed, beach side feel they look best wrapped in woven cotton.

Madagascar Dragon Tree
This low maintenance tree adds texture for a tropical island getaway style. The Madagascar Dragon Tree is versatile where it suits a range of styles- contemporary to retro. To keep it growing back fuller and compact, regular pruning is ideal.

Mother-in-law’s Tongue (Snake Plant, Saint George’s Sword)
Mother-in-law’s Tongue is one of the easiest plants to grow as its extremely resilient. The emerald & yellow shades will add a punch of colour especially in home with a neutral colour scheme and is also suited to many styles.